Japanese Game Show is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Japanese Game Show
Cast Chad, Craig, Bryan, Destin, Nick, Ryan Stout (ninja)[1], Jose
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date November 12th 2012
Clip / Ad A Japanese Game Show

Synopsis Edit

Chad introduces himself as a Japanese game show host, and speaks in Janglish (words that sound Japanese). Chad introduces the first contestant Craig, who is eating donuts and has no idea what is going on. Meanwhile, random manga images are appearing on the screen. Chad then introduces the second contestant Bryan, who is coming out of the bathroom and is very confused.

Chad announces the first game, and a ninja (Ryan) pops up, karate chops Craig, and gives Chad the card, with the name of the game. The name of the game has Mario Kart in the title, but Craig and Bryan have no idea what else is involved. The ninja throws WiiMotes at the contestant's crotches, and Chad begins the game. What the contestants have to do is hold onto the Wiimotes while the ninja flicks them with rubber bands. First to let go loses. Bryan wins, but is confused as to why.

Chad calls for the ninja to give him the card for round two. The ninja kicks Bryan in the face. Chad says something to do with Street Fighter. The task is to play a game of Street Fighter, however whenever the contestant takes damage, they get hit by a stick held by Destin or Nick. So Destin and Nick are hitting Bryan and Craig, so Craig comes up with a plan to stop attacking so neither will get hit. However, this backfires, as Chad calls in a bonus round, where the contestants are being pummeled constantly. Bryan falls over, so Craig wins. Nick and Destin are STILL hitting the contestants.


Chad calls for the ninja to give him the card for the tiebreaker round. The ninja jumps in, hi-fives Chad, and intimidates Bryan. Chad says something to do with Japanese Baseball, but before he can start the round, Craig stops him and asks Chad to explain what they have to do. Chad replies with 'Catch - the ninja stars!' The ninja throws stars at both contestants, and both are killed. Therefore the ninja wins. Jose, Nick and Destin carry the contestants away, while Chad and the ninja celebrate.

Trivia Edit

  • On ScrewAttack, this Clip is called Japanese Game Show, but on YouTube it is called Crazy Japanese Game Show. The thumbnails are also different.
  • Chad's character is revisited in The Battle for (A Trip To) Japan.

References Edit


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