Jameson's Plot is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Jameson's Plot
Cast Sean (as J. Jonah Jameson), Chad (as Robbie), Drake (as Hoffman), Lauren, Ben (as a scientist)
Intro Host none
Upload Date July 7th 2012
Clip / Ad The Amazing Spider-man trailer

Synopsis Edit

Jameson (Sean) watches the latest Spider-man movie trailer. It has been a while since he was in a Spider Man film. He puts a cigar into his mouth. He sees Spider Man fly past his window. He asks Robbie (Chad) what his role is in the movie. Chad states obviously that Jameson's role would be the editor in chief at The Daily Bugle. Jameson says that he is wrong, and then says the same thing. His phone rings, and he picks it up and puts it back down.

Hoffman (Drake) enters, and Jameson barks "Not now", so Hoffman leaves. Lauren enters, telling Jameson that his wife just called.

Jameson is expecting Parker to come in with his camera crew, and Jameson will make his grand debut in the movie, and people will love him all over again.

A newspaper headline is shown.

Three days later, and Jameson thought that the ad would have been seen by now. Robbie suggests to run the ad again, and Jameson says no because he won't respond at all now. Jameson's phone rings again, and he slaps it across the room. Hoffman comes in again, and Jameson sends him away once more.

Jameson comes up with a plan to get Spider-Man to go to him, because the cameras love him. Jameson tells Robbie to hand over his wallet. Robbie says no, and Jameson threatens Robbie with a Stanley knife. Robbie obliges, and Jameson calls out that he is committing a crime. Once nothing happens, he throws the wallet back, and Robbie runs out of the room.

Jameson stares out the window with both Robbie and Hoffman at the door. Jameson blames himself for not being able to be in the movie, and calls himself a joke. Hoffman wanted to tell Jameson that he was not going to be cast in the movie. Jameson tells him to get out of his office, and both Robbie and Hoffman run out.

Jameson gets angry, and yells that he is their favorite character. He will tell Parker about how his dad dated a hooker. If he is going to make it into the movie, he is going to have to do something crazy. He pulls out a gun.

Another newspaper headline is shown.

A scientist (Ben) sits in a cell. Jameson asks if he told Parker the truth about his father. He says no, and to leave Parker alone. Jameson asks him how he gave birth to a baby with one arm. 

Newspaper Headlines Edit

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