Introducing The ScrewAttack Network is a video from 2014, and discusses ScrewAttack's acquirement by Fullscreen.

Introducing The ScrewAttack Network
Upload Date March 28th 2014
Hosts Craig, Ben, Sean, Bryan, Parker, John, Nick, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is back from vacation. He walks into the office seeing everyone wearing Fullscreen glasses and shirts. While Craig was on vacation, the crew sold the company! Nick holds a note in his hand saying "Fullscreen money!" Craig takes off his hat, and screams as he throws it to the floor, and storms out of the office. He walks half way across the country and barges into Fullscreen HQ.

He asks the receptionist where the boss is. Craig demands a coffee. He punches a guy in the face. Some women are talking on the phone. The person on the other end is offering a big deal. Craig hangs up on them. He throws more stuff around.

Craig finds the CEO of Fullscreen, who welcomes him. Craig punches him in the face. Chad enters with a ScrewAttack flag. Craig impales the guy. Craig stands above Fullscreen employees, telling them that they work for him now! Chad reminds Craig that he has a wife and kid in Texas. The receptionist has Craig's coffee. Craig enjoys it. The receptionist is now the CEO of Fullscreen.

The video predicts which shots will become gifs.

Craig, back in the HQ, announces that Fullscreen and ScrewAttack have come together to form the ScrewAttack network. It is now ScrewAttack's job to cross promote all of Fullscreens 8000 content producers. ScrewAttack have organized a Q&A about it.

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