Interview with the Burger Town Dude is a video from 2011.

Interview with the Burger Town Dude
Upload Date September 12th 2011
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is with Justin, aka the Burger Town guy from the Call of Duty commercial. Craig asks why his name has to be P. Sanchez. He didn't choose Sanchez. He is not Hispanic at all.

He got the gig through a coworker, who is a casting lady, and wanted to meet all her friends who all met up at a book store. Out of 30-40 people, they chose him. Prior to being the Burger Town guy, he sold clothes. He has never flipped a burger in his life. He has flipped chicken and fish, but not sausages, burgers, or french fries. He doesn't even own a fryer!

Craig asks how many pictures he has taken with people. He has taken a few thousand! If he wasn't wearing the costume, probably zero. Craig asks if he will continue pursuing a career. He says he will just ride it out, and see where it goes. Craig wishes him good luck.

Justin jokes that he hates doing interviews and hates people taking pictures of him. Craig laughs.

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