Internz is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

Cast Ben, Nick, Jose, Craig (flashback only), Mickey (flashback only)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date some time in 2008
Clip / Ad GameXchange

Synopsis Edit

This clip takes on the form of an advertisement for interns, and that they will do whatever you want for free. This clip was based on the fact that Ben, Jose and Nick were hired as interns.

The list of things that the interns do include; washing dishes (shows Nick licking a glass), cleaning toilets (demonstrated by Jose), cleaning cartridges (shows Nick licking a cartridge), finding meals (Ben brings in a bag of food, which Jose runs past and takes it out of his hand), fixing meals, eating meals (Jose is taking a tomato out of a sandwich before eating it), noobing pwns (Nick is playing with a PlayStation controller), getting noobed (Ben is frustrated at being beaten in a game), editing videos (shows Ben at a computer), trash talking (shows Nick and Jose playing at the arcade, and Jose wins), body guarding (shows Jose looking intimidating), and whatever else you want (all three are setting up a set). 

Call 1-800-555-INTERNZ.

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