Intense is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Cast Jared, Craig, Bryan, Jose, Nick, Ben, Corey, an intern
Intro Host Jared
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad A Japanese Baseball advertisement

Synopsis Edit

That ad was intense, but not as intense as the office is every day.

Jared and Craig are intensely yelling as they are playing Street Fighter. Ben is on his laptop loudly copying and pasting from the internet with exaggerated key presses. He hurts his hand. Jose goes to the bathroom. Bryan loudly staples his papers together. 

Jose is gritting his teeth and moaning loudly as he uses the bathroom. Jared and Craig are still intensely playing Street Fighter, and are mimicking the moves as they press the buttons. Nick has a Mac Book Pro, and yells this fact. His eyes bursts.

Corey is angry that guys are only interested in her boobs. She is typing a comment on the internet loudly and aggressively. Jared attempts a haidoucan, but breaks his arm. He falls to the ground. Craig laughs at him. Jared gets back up, and continues playing with his broken, floppy arm.

The intern is yelling loudly as he cleans the toilet.

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