In Bob we Trust is a show made by Bob Chipman aka MovieBob aka The Game OverThinker. While he started out as a partner show for ScrewAttack in 2008, he returned to ScrewAttack in 2015 to have his new show, In Bob we Trust on ScrewAttack's site and YouTube. The GameOverThinker is the show for video games, while In Bob we Trust is for comics, and other geek culture.

The Game OverThinker episodes on ScrewAttack Edit

  1. Nintendo... WTF is Wrong With You?? - May 3rd 2015
  2. Are Inafune, Iga and Yooka-Laylee REALLY Innovative? | "IgaMania" - May 17th 2015
  3. Gamers are (not) dead - May 31st 2015

In Bob we Trust episodes on ScrewAttack Edit

  1. Widow's Peak - May 10th 2015
  2. Blurry Road - May 24th 2015
  3. How to Make Hunger Games Better | "Diss-Topia" - June 7th 2015

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