Illegal Downloading is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

Illegal Downloading
Cast Jose, Bryan, Corey, Chad, Destin, Ben, Craig
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2008
Clip / Ad "You Wouldn't steal a car" commercial

Synopsis Edit

The illegal download ad is the topic for this week’s clip. Someone steals Jose’s Xbox 360, and Jose doesn’t want to know what to replace it with. Bryan’s birthday is stolen by Chad, which makes Bryan cry. Ben steals Destin’s jacket before Destin tackles him.

Destin steals Corey’s pony, to which Corey replies by stapling him to the face. Then Jose steals Chad’s merchandise and runs away. Jose waits behind a door, and hits Chad with a brick. Ben asks the crew if any of them would steal Craig’s hat. Of course, none of them would, and Craig ends with an evil laugh. Then Jose steals and breaks Ben’s camera.

Trivia: Jose makes a Jocelyn the intern reference stating that she blew up when she tried to take Craig's hat. Destin apparently got hired because of this.

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