Shaun wants to know who would fight Krillin in a Death Battle.

Random Awesomeness: [Hypothetically] Who would Krillin fight in a DEATH BATTLE!? Wiz weighs in! | Exclusive Advantage Content
Upload Date some time in 2014
Hosts Shaun, Ben, John, Sam, Austin
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Shaun asks Ben who Krillin would fight in a Death Battle. Ben mentions how powerful someone is. The first thought he had was Professor X. Ben doesn't know who he would fight. Ben wants to have a wheelchair battle. If Krillin was against someone in Street Fighter, they would most likely be thrashed.

Maybe Ryu vs Krillin would work? Krillin is so weak compared to the other Dragonball Z characters that he has to hang out with Goku's kid, who becomes too strong anyway. Everyone has to realize that Krillin is a lot older then Gohan.

Shaun was Krillin vs Byson. Shaun thinks people want to see Krillin's heart ripped out. Ben thinks that Krillin is likable.

Sam enters the room and mentions that Krillin is better then everyone else in the world besides Goku and his friends. Krillin is not a push over, and could probably beat Godzilla. Shaun suggests Jimmy Hendrix. Everyone is confused.

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