This is the first How to with Chad.

How to with Chad - Arcade Stick Gate Changing
Upload Date around 2008
Hosts Craig, Chad
Series How to with Chad


Synopsis Edit

Craig says that he hates his $150 Street Fighter Arcade stick. The stick is 'boxy', and doesn't work how Craig likes it. He shows a round piece to make the stick feel more smooth and points at Chad. Chad warns that opening up the case will void the warranty.

Chad informs that the object that he will be putting into the stick is called a 'GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate'. Craig has no idea what he just said!

Step 1: Remove top plate.

Chad unscrews it, and lifts up the top. Craig says that these sticks are very easy to mod the sticks. The stick has a square stick, giving it a choppy feeling. Chad hasn't dealt with these before, so he doesn't know what to expect.

Step 2: Pop out square gate.

He takes the old gate out. These gates take $4-5. Craig ponders whether or not he could play without a gate at all. Chad puts the new gate on.

Step 3: Snap on new gate

It feels way better.

Step 4: Carefully replace plate

Chad carefully puts the top back on. Chad tells people to go slowly with modding these sticks and use a diagram if you need one.

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