How to with Chad - 360 Stuck Disc Tray Repair is a video from around 2010.

How to with Chad - 360 Stuck Disc Tray Repair
Upload Date 2010
Hosts Chad and Craig
Series How to with Chad

Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig explains to Chad why Gonzo is his favorite Muppet. Chad and Craig are in the secret backroom of GameAttack. Chad will be fixing a stuck Xbox 360 disc tray, and will not void the warranty. Chad demonstrates how the tray tries to come out, but won't quite do it.

All that is needed for this is a Q-tip, a pair of tweezers, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Chad taps the top of the Xbox as he presses the eject button. Keep on tapping it until the tray pops out.

Step 1: Open tray with taps.

Obviously, players won't want to have to do this, and eventually this method will stop working. Chad holds the disc tray, and turns the console off. Craig thinks it will break something, but Chad says it won't.

Step 2: Turn off while holding.

Chad then unplugs it.

Step 3: Unplug power supply.

Chad shows the inside of the disc tray. The rubber band builds up dirt over time, and it slips on the spool, not spinning it. Chad grabs the rubber band with the tweezers while holding the disc tray. Chad takes the rubber band out.

Step 4: Remove rubber band.

Chad sets the console down and dips the Q-tip into the alcohol.

Step 5: Dip Q-tip in alcohol

Craig was told to not put alcohol on things. Chad explains how Nintendo has this on their cartridges, and he calls them crazy, because alcohol is what you are supposed to use to clean electronics with. Chad is saying screw Nintendo.

Step 6: Clean rubber band.

Chad wipes the Q-tip onto the rubber band. He cleans the inside and outside. He then wants to clean the spools.

Step 7: Clean disc tray spools.

Craig thinks it is tedious. Chad explains that it is much faster than waiting for Microsoft. It may also happen outside of warranty, and would cost $100! Chad explains how to clean the spools. The spool spins. The second one won't spin.

Craig pulls out some fluff, but he's just kidding, and this did not come from the disc tray!

Chad takes another Q-tip to dry the spools.

Step 8: Dry the spools

This is the hardest part. Putting the rubber band back onto the spools.

Step 9: Replace the rubber band

Chad warns to make sure to not drop the rubber band into the console. He plays around until the band is in place. Chad turns it back on, and tries to open the console. It works! Chad explains that this is harder than his last video, but to save $100, it is worth it.

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