How to Make Games is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

How to Make Games
Cast Jared, Ben, Bryan, Chad, Nick
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date June 9th 2011
Clip / Ad Wild 9

Synopsis Edit

How do main stream companies makes games?

Jared speaks in a meeting, announcing that they will charge money for DLC that is already on the disc. The others applaud him, and Bryan calls for Chad to show what he has.

Chad is worried, as he is unprepared. Chad improvises and rambles about his idea. The others in the meeting look perplexed at Chad's odd suggestions. Chad comes up with character ideas, and struggles and searches his pockets, suggesting that a guy needs his car keys. Nick and Ben start talking to themselves.

Two characters have a frienemy relationship. One guy needs a lot of shirts as he keeps on ripping them off. Chad throws rollerblades and a skateboard onto the table. Bryan claims that the game will never sell.

Nick and Ben play Street Fighter Third Strike. Ben can't believe how good the game is!

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