Lauren draws g1 Clayvman during g1 Clayvman pays us a visit.

Upload Date April 2013
Hosts Nick, Lauren, g1 Clayvman, Craig, Ben, Chad
Series Advantage Content

Choose Your Own Adventure


Synopsis Edit

Lauren is going to teach everyone how to draw Clayvman. She starts by drawing his face. Clayvman thinks he should lie down again. She draws his eyes and glasses. Nick tells Clayvman that she isn't even looking at him for accuracy. Ben and Clayvman start having a conversation. Lauren yells at them to shut up.

Lauren draws his torso. Nick complains that Ben is still talking. No one cares about art until it is done! Ben apologizes to Lauren, but she doesn't care. Lauren starts to draw "get away stick" legs. Lauren draws army boots and gives him leg and chest hair. Clayvman should be singing - vomit!

Nick is speechless, and the rest of the room laughs when they see what Lauren has done. Craig wants to give Clayvman poop. Clayvman wants his reaction to Lauren's drawing in the video. Nick looks over the masterpiece.

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