Chad challenges the office to a How Many Lives on the new Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures game.

How Many Lives - AVGN Adventures
Hosts / Players Chad, Sam, Nick, Ben
Cameo / Offscreen John, Bryan

Games Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
Date September 20th 2013

Synopsis Edit

To do: fill this out entirely

After the release of Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, Chad decided to put on a tournament between the crew members to How Many Lives in the game. They played the level Boo! Haunted House and Normal difficulty. The person who comes last has to buy Craig a Sonic drink, and the winner has Craig buy them a Sonic drink.Chad changed it so that last buys first a drink for practicality.

Also, antics with a giant white board, and watching other streamers play AVGNA. John was originally going to play, but they ran out of time. Bryan forfeited because he wasn't confident with the boss.

Results Edit

  • Sam - 56
  • Nick - 57
  • Ben - 59

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