Jose finds out how much money it takes to beat Final Fight.

How Many Lives: Final Fight
Upload Date some time in 2009
Hosts Craig, Jose, Nick, Chad, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig loved the arcades. Craig doesn't know how much money he spent on arcades. Jose will test how much money they spent, by playing Final Fight. Jose is guessing $20. Craig thinks he will spend $45.75. Jose claims that it is an easy beat-em-up.

Nick will keep track of the amount of money Jose spends. Jose makes attacking sounds when he attacks. Jose kills 5 people in one attack. Jose gets attacked by someone with a gun! Jose wants to kill the dog. Jose accuses Nick of being racist.

"50 minutes later and 20 more quarters later"

Nick covers himself. Nick is bored and was trying to sleep when Craig interrupts. Craig tries to distract Jose. Chad and Ben come in to see the final boss. Jose finally wins, and he yells at Nick to wake up. Jose tries to see how much they spent, but can't count that high. Jose spent $5.50. Nobody can do math. Jose would have given up and played Galaga instead of this.

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