How Many Lives? - Ms 'Splosion Man is a video from 2011.

How Many Lives? - Ms 'Splosion Man
Upload Date mid 2011
Hosts Nick, Ben, Chad
Series Competitions


Synopsis Edit

The crew are still moving out of their HQ and Nick is hosting Ms Explosion Man. They are playing in co-op mode. Chad discusses that Ms 'Splosion Man is not married, so she is up for grabs.

Ben dies right away forcing Chad to die. Nick has to give the pair a hint, as Chad pushes Ben off the ledge. Chad continues to screw up. Ben kills himself by somehow going into the background. They make it to the end of the level finally!

They died a total of 34 times in 20 minutes. 6 death's were Chad's fault, and 10 were Ben's. They had more than one death a minute. Everyone argues.

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