Ben reviews Sonic Boom for Hot Pepper Gaming.

Random Awesomeness: Hot Pepper Gaming | Ben Singer Reviews Sonic Boom
Upload Date January 2015
Hosts Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Ben is reviewing Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric for hot pepper gaming at MAGFest 2015. He eats a pepper. He starts by coughing. Ben starts by talking about the positives for Sonic Boom. After saying nothing, he talks about the negatives. It is a mess. Ben swears as he struggles with the pepper.

There are glitches everywhere. Ben mentions how he skipped half the game on accident. Ben feels like there is a Charmander in his mouth. The characters are annoying and they love bounce pads. The pepper is not as bad as the game!

He gives the game 0 peppers, and the pepper 1 or more above Sonic Boom. Ben drinks the milk. Ben tries to cheer with the crowd, but it hurts his throat.

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