Honest Advertising is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Honest Advertising
Cast Destin, Ben, Chad (narrator), Bryan, Nick, Ryan
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Cybermorph
Link Unavailable

Synopsis Edit

Ben wishes that other companies were honest about their in your face advertising.

Power Glove - The narrator (Chad) asks Destin if he is good at video games and wanting an extra challenge. Destin nods. Chad says that the Power Glove makes the games impossible to play. You are a real gamer if you play with the power glove because you are severely handicapped.

Face Ball 2000 - This game is a pixellated monstrosity. With random stuff coming at you from god knows where, if you didn't have epilepsy before, you do now. It shows Bryan getting epilepsy.

Virtual Boy - It's a TV in your face! The video show Ben having a Virtual Boy shoved into his face. Using the colors of blood and death, you'll have no idea what is going on. Ben is on the floor with the Virtual Boy on, not noticing Chad tea-bagging him. Ben spews.

Nick turns off the TV, and decides that the commercials were so honest, he's going to buy every one of them. 

Later, Ryan walks into the room to find Nick unconscious on the floor with a Power Glove and Virtual Boy on. Suddenly, Ryan is intrigued by Face Ball 2000.

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