Help Sean be Glamorous is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Help Sean be Glamorous
Cast Sean, Sam, Lauren
Intro Host none
Upload Date February 25th 2012
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Sean is competing in a photo contest, and if he wins, he will share the prizes with the g1s!

Sean is posing for the camera for his photos. Sam is the photographer, and he speaks in an European accent. There is an interview with Samuel Francois Samuel, and he is a professional photographer. The clip goes back to Sam, who is still taking photos of Sean, with Lauren behind Sam. She goes to put make-up of Sean's face, when Sam yells and swears at her for getting into his shot.

Sam received an e-mail from Sean to ask for professional photos to submit for the Assassins Assemble competition. Sam takes pictures of Sean next to a pole, and sitting on a bench with his hand on his mouth. The winner receives free T-Shirts, but if Sean wins, the g1s will win them.

Sam gets Sean to walk like a cat, before posing like a crocodile. The photo comes out of the camera.

The week after this clip comes out, the g1s can vote on the picture that will be submitted.

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