Hate Proof is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Hate Proof
Cast Destin, Jose, Nick, Ben
Intro Host Destin
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Cheers To You (

Synopsis Edit

Destin is used to getting negative comments, and when he arrived at ScrewAttack, he decided to give the rest of the crew some advice. Destin has made a CD to play every day all over the office.

The CD consists of a crows booing, and Destin saying mean things about the ScrewAttack team and their videos.

For Jose, Destin calls him a moron, and tells him to die. Jose doesn't care and even states that we all have to die some time. Then Destin asks if he could get any fatter.

Nick is called a loser, and is asked if the video was made by a retarded monkey. Nick sees the Cheers to You website, and calls the number. He is clearly upset by Destin's comments.

The number doesn't go through, and Nick starts trembling. He throws the phone and yells at it in Spanish, while Destin's voice continues to insult him.

Back to Jose, who is called a fat lesbian and that he sucks. Jose is offended by this, and says that Ben sucks way more than he does.

Ben is pacing down the hallway, covering his ears and face. He falls to the ground. Jose comes over to check on him, but upon receiving no reply, he screams BEEEEEN! in the same way as in Metal Gear Ben.

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