Guitar Hiro is a Clip of the Week from 2011, and is a the second part of Guitar Hiro (Part 1).

Guitar Hiro (Part 2)
Cast Craig, Jose, Chad, Bryan, Nick (Guitaroomon), Ben (flashback)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date some time in 2011
Clip / Ad same as last week (Japanese Spiderman)

Synopsis Edit

The opening theme for Guitar Hiro plays.

Jose is strangling Bryan as he asks where the guitar is. Chad tells Jose to put him down. Jose shoots Bryan with his axe gun. Guitaroomon (Nick) screams "No!" as the camera zooms in on Chad, who is shocked, before he looks at the guitar. Jose shoots an axe at Chad, who dodges it, and shoots a lazer back. It hits Jose, but Jose grows. Guitaroomon tells Chad to hit the orange button to summon Gunam Sword (?). An giant action figure appears, and it and Jose shoot at each other.

Jose is hit, and explodes. Craig can't believe that Jose was defeated, and laughs manically. Chad says that he will keep on fighting to avenge his father. Guitaroomon says that this story sucks.

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