Guitar Hiro (Part 1) is a Clip of the Week from 2011, and is the first of a two part series with Guitar Hiro (Part 2).

Guitar Hiro (Part 1)
Cast Craig, Jose, Chad, Bryan, Ben, Nick (as Guitaroomon)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date some time in 2011
Clip / Ad Japanese Spiderman
Link Not available

Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack wants to take a popular American video game franchise, and try to Japanify that.

The opening theme of Guitar Hiro plays with Chad singing the Japanese lyrics. Episode 1 is called "Look Out Hiro! Fulfill Destiny Hiro!"

Craig is wearing a purple cloak (last seen in the Kid Icarus Fan Film), and an eye patch. Jose is wearing the LOLazer (from Metal Gear Ben), a balaclava and a TMNT shell. Craig is trying to destroy the guitar in order to take over the universe. However, when he swings his axe, the guitar is pulled away. It is heading towards Earth. Craig tells Jose to go after it. Jose teleports away.

Chad is sitting in the corner. Bryan (Chad's father) asks him why he is so mopey, and asks why doesn't he play the guitar like he used to. Chad explains that he can't after what happened to his brother. Chad remembers Ben, who is rocking out with his guitar. He decides to try doing a trick, and strangles himself. Bryan walks away shaking his head.

Chad walks alone and sees a guitar named Guitaroomon flying through the sky, and lands in front of him. Guitaroomon has Nick's mouth and eye, and tells Chad that it is his destiny to play him and save the universe. Chad says that he can't. The guitar convinces Chad, and he plays it. Chad puts on his hoodie.

To be continued.

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