Glitched is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Cast Chad, Destin, Nick, Ben, Jose, Bryan
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date January 29th 2011
Clip / Ad A blooper reel of video game glitches

Synopsis Edit

Glitches are funny until you experience them in real life!

Chad walks into the office, and falls through the floor. Destin tries to walk into his office and sit in his chair, but he constantly glitches back out of the room and bumps into walls. He becomes frustrated.

Ben feels funny and asks Nick if he looks all right. Nick tells him that he has Ben face. Nick's body begins to freak out.

Bryan bumps into an invisible wall. Jose finds a money glitch. He becomes the richest Mexican alive. Destin continues to struggle to get to his chair. He finds himself in his chair, and thinks it is sweet. He is then transported back outside!

Jose tells Bryan that he has lots of hookers. Bryan and Ben are frustrated. Destin tries to tell Ben to unplug the router. Ben, Bryan and Jose continue to argue, and Destin continues to tell Ben to unplug the router, but is ignored. Bryan then steals Destin's idea, telling Ben to unplug the router. Jose doesn't want the hookers to be taken away from him! Ben congratulates Bryan on coming up with a great idea.

Every one is back to normal. Jose wonders how he will pay for the hookers. Chad falls and lands on the desk in pain.

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