Ghosts of Deception is the eighth episode of Metal Gear Ben.

Ghosts of Deception
Cast James Rolfe, Chad, Ben, Corey, Nick, Jose, Craig, Dane Sanders, Wajahat Khan, James Stupplebeen
Commentary Cast Ben, Nick, Chad
Upload Date April 23rd 2010


Synopsis Edit

Colonel Corey makes a Previously On segment summarizing the events of the previous episode. However, she doesn't recap it, and instead tells the viewer to watch the previous episode!

Ben enters a hallway. Larry and Frank barge in and point their guns at Ben. Ben asks them what they want. They argue about muffins and bagels. Ben knocks them both out by punching them in the face.

Chad is outside and he sneaks around. Someone talks to him, and he gets a fright and twists their neck. Mega Mantis swoops around Chad. Chad asks where he is, and he appears. Mega Mantis attacks him with images of cake. Corey tries to snap Chad out of the cake lie. She succeeds, but Chad calls her a bitch.

Chad is angry about Mega Mantis lying to him about cake, and Chad tries to strike him with his sword. Mega Mantis gets away, so Chad skates after him. Mega Mantis shoots at Chad, but Chad keeps on avoiding him. Octagon reveals that his weakness is plastic.

Eventually, Mega Mantis catches Chad. The vision that Mega Mantis gives Chad involves Ben telling Chad that he sucks. Mega Mantis wants Chad to kill Ben, but Chad shoots at Mega Mantis instead. Chad breaks out of the vision, and awakens on the store's roof which is filled with trash. 

Meanwhile, Ben is sneaking into the store room, where Iron Cog is applauding him with Jose behind him. Iron Cog reveals that he has destroyed three game stores. It is revealed that Boss Craig was behind the psycho plans all along.

New Codec Numbers Edit


Credits Edit

Starring Edit

Starring Edit

  • Dane Sanders
  • Wajahat Khan
  • James Stupplebeen

Music Edit

  • Paul Mika
  • Ryan Fitzgerald
  • Nick Johnson
  • Velkku
  • Jamie MacDonald
  • Jake Evans
  • Carf
  • Isaac Mendoza
  • James "JOT" Tooie

Camera Operators Edit

  • Nick Cramer
  • Ben Singer

Boom Operators Edit

  • Ben Singer
  • Nick Cramer

Teleprompter Edit

  • Ben Singer

Gaffer Edit

  • Ben Singer

Asst. Director Edit

  • Nick Cramer

Official Artwork Edit

  • Mike Scally

Primary Artwork Edit

  • Marc Marta
  • Tansunn Kitsuki

Motion Graphics Edit

  • Jake Singer

Written, directed, and edited by Edit

  • Ben Singer

Commentary Edit

Corey didn't want to do the intro section for this episode, so the crew thought that an intro where she said "Stuff happened" would be funny and lazy. Another scene with the two g1 actors were shot before episode 1 was finished, and one of them actually bled when he ran into the wall after he tripped, and it was reenacted for the actual clip that made it into the episode.

Chad broke the stabber of the sword after breaking it when fighting Mega Mantis. The original script had Chad on a skateboard. Chad improvised or changed a few of his lines, and made it funnier. In the scene on the roof, it was raining for a few moments before stopping.

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