Ghosts at ScrewAttack?!? (aka Craig is a Pu$$y) is an episode of The Industry.

GHOSTS at ScrewAttack?!?

Craig is a Pu$$y

Upload Date September 26th 2015
Hosts Shaun, Chad, Austin, Craig
Series The Industry


Synopsis Edit

Chad made a Google Doc called "Things that make you uncomfortable". It might be funny for a video for a series about the life in this office! Shaun has an oddly specific suggestion. Chad is afraid of having his blood drawn. Shaun freaks Chad out so much that he vomits.

Shaun asks what Craig is afraid of. Heights and ghosts. Craig thinks ghosts are real. Chad wants to haunt the office. Austin, Shaun and Chad discuss their ideas. Craig pokes in informing that he can hear them. He warns them not to do it.

Shaun gets an idea. Craig is working on his laptop, as Shaun sits on the couch nearby. Craig asks what he is doing. Shaun is sneaking something out of the room, and doesn't want Craig to know what it is! Shaun crawls across the floor. Craig watches him go. Craig demands to Shaun to tell him what he is trying to do.

Shaun screams out to Chad and Austin for help. Craig is trying to wrestle Shaun to take whatever he has. Craig picks up the white cloth. Chad and Austin laugh. Craig covers Shaun with the cloth.

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