Ghost Recon Phantoms: Rocksteady Part 2 is a video from 2014. Part 1 is here.

Ghost Recon Phantoms: Rocksteady Part 2
Upload Date June 15th 2014
Hosts Sam, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Sam is now playing. It is possible to start the game by rhino shielding! Chad is surprised how fun it is. Sam goes into rhino mode, and gets shot in the ass! Sam slides down the stairs. Sam gets shot at, and Chad wonders why he is still alive. Sam decides to hide in a corridor. Chad thinks that it is a bad spot to camp in, as he will be shot in the back. Sam ends up getting shot from inside the subway.

The pair try to decide on a name for their rhino mode. Sam ends up getting shot trying to enter the subway. Sam shoots a guy hiding near the subway, and gets inside the subway. They head through the subway system, and Sam throws a grenade, and takes damage. One guy runs past, and Sam kills them. Sam thinks the other guy is dead, and comes out of hiding and is killed in one shot.

Sam is 4/4.The pair discuss strategy. Sam gets into a gun fight, and gets killed. The pair complain that no one uses grenades. Sam and Chad discuss how much fun they are having. Sam throws a grenade and kills a guy! Sam gets cocky, and runs down to be killed by someone else who dodged it.

Sam now has the rhino shield. Chad is surprised that the rhino shield makes you go crazy. Sam uses it, but didn't know that he had to just ram people, and accidentally pulled out his weapon and gets killed.

Sam gets killed again, and Chad didn't see the guy hiding behind a corner. Sam calls the campers pansies. A smoke grenade is thrown. Sam gets a few kills. He gets shot from behind, and is killed.

Sam hides as he gets caught in a line of fire. Sam tries to throw a grenade but gets killed. Sam almost has the rhino back. People are being killed around them, as Sam goes into rhino mode. One person gets knocked over, but not killed. Sam is killed. They were minorly inconvenienced!

They discuss the hilarity that could ensue from the rhino mode. Sam throws a grenade, and sees someone run away from it. Sam runs up and shoots them. Sam gets a 3 kill streak, before he is killed.

Chad realizes that Sam made a mistake. Sam walks through the subway and shoots three guys! They make jokes about Jerry from Subway. Most of the other entire team walk up the stairs directly in front of Sam. Sam yells as they all shoot him down! Chad wishes that Sam had the rhino shield. The game ends, and Sam's team won.

They are surprised at how fun this free-to-play game is!

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