Ghost Recon Phantoms: Rocksteady Part 1 is a video from 2014. Part 2 is here.

Ghost Recon Phantoms: Rocksteady Part 1
Upload Date June 16th 2014
Hosts Chad, Sam
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Sam are going to shield smash some fools in Ghost Recon Phantoms: Rocksteady. They have a big shotgun and a shield thing. Chad is surprised at how fast you can run, but makes a mistake as he finds that he can't climb. Chad is shot in the face.

They hide behind a wall and kill someone, only to try to shoot someone else and get shot instead. Chad throws a grenade, and kills three guys as he slides around. Someone runs past Chad, and Chad kills him. There is someone sniping around, and Chad tries to hide, but is soon killed. They talk about how awesome the grenade kill was.

Chad throws another grenade and shoots at someone and kills them. He rhino charges and kills another guy. He goes on a killing streak. Chad continues shooting guys. Eventually, he freaks out as he gets stuck to a wall while shooting someone up close. He gets killed.

Sam discusses how everyone plays the assault class, but it is the most boring one. Chad runs in and is killed quickly while trying to slide.

Chad hides under the stairs, and throws some grenades into the fight. Chad is angry as he shoots a guy in the chest only to be killed himself. Chad goes into rhino mode again. After knocking down two people, he gets killed. His plan didn't work. Chad tries to recreate his grenade kill from before. It doesn't do anything. Chad throws smoke bombs. Chad takes a guy down on the stairs, but they all start running down the stairs, and Chad dies.

Chad sneaks up on a guy on the stairs and kills two of them. Overtime begins, and Chad gets a three kill streak from a grenade. He goes into rhino mode, and kills one person, and knocks down another before dying. Chad's team are playing too cautiously. Chad gets sniped.

Chad is 14/11. Chad thinks he is like a chubby ninja turtle. Chad slides in, only to be killed by someone who jumps over a desk.

Chad gets into a fight on the stairs with several opponents. Chad kills one, and is killed by the next person. Chad goes into rhino time, and blasts two guys down, and is killed.

Chad snipes the guys on the stairs, and one of them comes out with the rhino shield, and Chad shoots at him and killing him. He continues to shoot at the others. Chad tries to get closer behind some pillars. Chad throws a grenade, but someone else kills the target before Chad can.

Chad is back behind the pillars, shooting the people on the stairs. He kills one. Another player comes out, and Chad kills them too. The match ends, and Chad's team wins. Chad has the highest score on his team. This is fun for a free to play game.

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