Getting the Scoop on Skylanders Giants' Big Additions is a video from 2012.

Getting the Scoop on Skylanders Giants' Big Additions
Upload Date June 6th 2012
Hosts Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Bryan is interviewing Paul Reiche, the President of Toys for Bob. Skylanders was a big success. They started on Skylanders Giants long before they knew it would be a success. They finished the first game several months before Christmas, so they assumed it would be a hit, and spent time on innovating into the Giants game. They wanted to work with a larger toy, and provide more power. They built into the level where giants were strong, but were an easy target, where the smaller characters were more nimble and could dodge attacks.

Bryan feels like the giants are like Greek Mythology. Of course Skylanders were giant in the ancient past. Paul discusses the concept of the plot. How will the new characters stand out? It wasn't hard to come up with a lot more. Some characters were waiting from the first game. There were a lot of kinds of creatures that hasn't been explored yet.

Bryan asks how the game will be balanced for both kids and adults? They are making sure that there is a main path and then tons of other stuff to do. The charm of the characters and the freedom to be a kid again is what makes this game appeal to adults. The characters will translate between any system.

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