Games the ScrewAttack crew gives thanks for is a video from 2011.

Games the ScrewAttack crew gives thanks for - 2011 edition
Upload Date November 25th 2011
Hosts Craig, Sean, Ben, Jared, Lauren, Nick, Bryan, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack talk about the games they were thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Craig is thankful for Marvel vs Capcom 3 because it was the number 1 game that needed to be made. It was so good that they will need to remake it again in 7 months!

Sean is thankful for Red Faction Armageddon this year because in what other game can you use a miniature pony to shoot rainbow farts.

Ben gives thanks to Sonic Generations, because it is telling the Sonic "fanboys" to go die in a fire!

Jared and Lauren are thankful for Dance Central 2, because it brought the two of them closer as friends and as dances - even though Lauren isn't that good at it. Lauren is annoyed by this, and Jared says that she plays on medium. They argue!

Craig is thankful for WWE All Stars. It is wrestling with giant juiced up guys.

Ben is also thankful for Star Wars: The Old Republic, because come December when it comes out, no one will ever see him again!

Nick gives thanks for Skyrim because of all the glitches that he has seen online.

Bryan is thankful for Duke Nukem Forever because it finally happened.

Craig is thankful for Mortal Kombat and Warner Brothers for finally showing what Sub Zero really is - a robot.

Chad is thankful for the revival of pretty much every fighting game. Sean enters and yells at Chad for how bad the DLC is. Chad is not thankful for Sean.

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