Gamer Food is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Gamer Food
Cast Craig, Jose, Chad, Nick, Destin, Jared
Intro Host Chad (with Nick)
Upload Date July 20th 2010
Clip / Ad What's Cooking with Jamie Oliver

Synopsis Edit

Nick tries to introduce the Digital Forecast, but Chad interrupts, and introduces the Clip of the Week instead. Yay! A more serious Cooking Mama! What if a game showed how to make gamer food? Nick thinks it is a bad idea.

Craig does the voice over teaching the ScrewAttack crew how to make gamer food. Jose is shown how to eat chips. Chad is told to call a number to order pizza. He orders a lot of topping - including gummy bears! He then waits for delivery.

Craig has to open a box of pop tarts. He wipes drool of his shirt. He struggles to work the toaster. He removes the Pop Tart, and burns himself on the hot pop tart.

Nick is making cereal. He pours the cereal into a large bowl. He doesn't have milk, so energy drink is used as a substitute. Nick laughs. They make Nick eat it. He doesn't want to. It touches his mouth, and he makes a mess everywhere!

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