GameTap and GameTap Again were Clip of the Weeks from 2008.

GameTap / GameTap Again
Cast Ben, Jose
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2008
Clip / Ad GameTap
Link GameTap:

GameTap Again:

Synopsis Edit

GameTap Edit

The clip reminds Ben of how Jose is always trying to catch and eat Ben, when really he is really slow. Ben also mentions that Jose's ability with First Person Shooters is all talk, he isn't really all that good. Suddenly, Jose walks up behind him. Ben realizes that Jose is there. The video cuts, and punching noises can be heard.

GameTap Again Edit

In the follow up, while Jose is playing on his Xbox 360, Ben is sitting in a tub, which is on fire, as he introduces the Clip of the Week. While Ben tries to explain his actions, Jose pours salt onto him. Somehow (not scripted), the salt container that Jose throws behind the couch rolls around, and ends up near to where Jose picked it up from in the first place! Jose makes a comment about spicing it up, to which Ben says is lame, and Halo is better than COD. Jose replies with Ben's mom is better.


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