g1 Clayvman Pays Us A Visit
Cast g1 Clayvman (all), Bryan (intro), Craig (all), Lauren (intro, drawing), Sam (bathroom), Chad (door), Ben (door), Nick (drawing)
Intro Host None
Upload Date April 13th 2013
Clip / Ad None
Link Intro:

The Bathroom: The Door: The Drawing:

g1 Clayvman pays us a visit is a Choose Your Own Adventure from 2013.

Synopsis Edit

Clayvman plays Bonkers on the SNES. Bryan looks over at him. He asks Lauren who the guy is. Lauren doesn't know either. Clayvman turned up at 10AM and started playing.

Lauren whispers to Craig loudly. She asks the date. Craig sheepishly realizes what today is, and says hi to Clayvman. Clayvman puts the controller down, and yells at Craig, as they went to CiCi's without him! Craig asks Clayvman what he wants to do!

The Bathroom Edit

Clayvman wants to take a dump! Craig and Sam are playing on the Xbox while Clayvman is yelling in the bathroom. Craig and Sam talk about how Clayvman traveled all this way just to poop! They are both impressed by Clayvman's use of the bathroom.

Clayvman leaves the bathroom, and Craig and Sam stop talking. Clayvman didn't flush or wipe. Clayvman leaves the room sloshing around. Craig and Sam agree that Clayvman is a good shitter!

The Door Edit

Clayvman wants to know what is behind "The Door". Craig tries to talk him out of it. Chad says that it will be fine as long as no one hits the button. Clayvman is determined. Ben warns him one last time, before Clayvman closes the door. Chad presses the button, and Clayvman is killed in the incinerator from ScrewAttack: The Game.

The Drawing Edit

Clayvman wants Lauren to draw him like a french girl. He stares creepily at Lauren. Lauren looks worried. Clayvman lies on a couch as Lauren draws him. The final result is... interesting.

Craig begins to sing "My Heart Will Go On". He starts singing to Lauren. He asks Lauren if he is doing the song a disservice as she seems mad. Craig laughs. It was supposed to be creepy! Lauren does not want to sing that song again!

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