G.I. Destin is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

G.I. Destin
Cast Destin, Ben, Jose, Nick, Chad, Corey, Bryan
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad G.I.Joe

Synopsis Edit

The new movie is coming out soon (and it probably is going to suck). This is how it would probably go down if G.I. Joe actually had to do those PSA's at the end of each show for kids.

At the end of each clip, the ScrewAttack logo appears on the screen, and the crew sings 'ScrewAttack' to the G.I. Joe theme.

Chad is on the internet, and is looking up how to make bombs. Destin walks in, and tells him that there are better things to look up on the internet, and shows him porn.

Jose and Ben are trying to figure out how to turn an arcade on. Ben opens the chute on the front and finds a gun inside. He points it around the room and at Jose. Jose suggests to tell his parents. Destin walks in, and tells Jose not to tell his parents or anybody. They shoot keep it, and sell it for a laser gun.

Corey asks Chad to play a knife throwing game. Chad catches the knife, and comments that it almost hit him in the eye. Chad throws it for Corey. Destin catches it, and asks them if they are idiots. He sees Corey's dog, and stabs it with the knife and tells her that that is what could have happened to them. Corey starts crying.

Nick and Bryan are in a bedroom. Nick rolls off the bed. Bryan puts a bag on his head and pretends to be a spaceman. Nick does it to. Destin enters, takes the bag off of Bryan's head, and yells "NO!"

Ben and Nick go into the kitchen cupboard, and think that the dish washing liquids are drinks. Destin appears, and Ben asks him to teach them a lesson. Destin gives up, and says to go ahead with drinking the dish washing liquid and leaves.

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