Funcoland Again is a Clip of the Week from 2008.

Funcoland Again
Cast Ben
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date some time towards the end of 2008
Clip / Ad Funcoland

Synopsis Edit

2008 was a big year for ScrewAttack with new shows and staff, and Craig promises to keep on airing something new every single day. Ben demonstrates how much content other sites make every day - he puts two fingers together indicating a small amount. The hand is coming out of a Nintendo GameCube, which is on the Hard News desk next to a Nintendo 64.

He then demonstrates how much content ScrewAttack makes everyday, and another hand appears so far away, that the camera has to pull out to a Dreamcast on the other side of the Nintendo 64. There is then a thank you to the g1's for making 2008 great, and a We don't take breaks joke.

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