Fun with the Nintendo 3DS is a video from 2011.

Fun with the Nintendo 3DS
Upload Date some time in 2011
Hosts Jared, Nick, Chad, Ben, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

A couple of the ScrewAttack crew got 3DSs. They needed to be played with.

Jared plays the Face Shooter game. Chad wants Jared and Nick to take 3D pictures of each other's 3DSs. Nick wants to take a picture of the Ben Face. It looks like Vego from Ghostbusters 2. Nick takes a picture of Ben, and wants Ben to make the Ben Face! Ben can't do it.

Chad wants to take a picture of Nick's Christmas photo, and the game thinks it is a young female face! It looks terrifying, and Jared screams, as the others laugh at the monstrosity of Nick's face!

They play the shooting game again. Nick takes a picture of Craig with the camera, and gets Jared to take a picture of Nick taking a picture. They will inception this! They show the pictures. Nick tries to make it even more Inception like, and Craig compares this to Back to the Future where his sister's hand starts to disappear!

The video ends by being sucked into a vortex, as Craig yells.

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