From "Bombshell" to Bombshell! is a video from 2014.

From "Bombshell" to Bombshell!
Upload Date May 16th 2014
Hosts Sean
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Sean is interviewing Frederik Schreiber from Interceptor Ent, and Scott Miller from 3D Realms. They are talking about Bombshell. 3D Realms had a game in the making about Bombshell, and it didn't work out. They decided to put the character into the Duke Nukem universe, to see if the character could become popular enough to make her way into her own game. She ended up being cut out because there was a rush trying to get Duke Nukem Forever finished.

3D Realms still wanted to get a game for Bombshell, and now it is coming together. Bombshell is a talented military explosives expert. She lost her arm trying to save her team. She would take a bullet for the president. She is proud of her robotic arm. The arm gives her more strength, and she can perform some mechanics that other characters couldn't have.

Sean gives them an idea to put different guns into the arm. The pair are old school gamers and they love secret areas and multi path levels. The game is over the top with insane ways to kill enemies.

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