Foxitron gets a sidekick! is a video from 2014. This is the third part in the DC Universe Online series.

Foxitron gets a sidekick!
Upload Date December 7th 2014
Hosts Chad, Parker, NosisTheGod
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Chad almost stuffs up the intro but recovers. Foxitron looks different than what he did before, as people have been sending in items. Chad has found himself a sidekick! He introduces NosisTheLight. Someone else has been following Foxitron around, and Foxitron flirts to her, only to be given a cold reception.

The trio get into a fight. Foxitron gets beaten, as they are fighting level 30's! Foxitron continues to get beaten - and they make a rude gesture as they beat Foxitron! They beat Foxitron so much that he got less cool! They took his wings!

They move into the next mission. NosisTheLight comments on how powerful their snowball is. Chad gets Foxitron to run, telling everyone to keep up!

Chad gets stuck in a wall! He escapes and then jumps off the walls while running very fast. Chad makes a pun about a ton hammer. They have to deactivate cryptonite. Chad picks it up and runs with it. The Prime Servitor appears. Chad wants to punch it, and Parker encourages him to snowball it instead. Chad misses with the snowball!

Chad wants to put his wings back on, and they discover Frosa, Foxitron's girlfriend, has been waiting for him! Chad creates a league called "Foxitron's ladies". He invites Froza to it, and she accepts! Chad is really happy with his accomplishment.

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