Chad and Ben finish Final Fight - by watching the intro to the game.

Final Fight: Who Gets Jessica? (Part 4) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 27th 2013
Hosts Chad, Ben
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Chad is sad about leaving the three-eyed talking Canadian dog behind. Chad calls out that a chandelier is about to fall. Chad is now competition to Jessica, so Ben has to kill him. Chad and Ben throw an enemy between each other until he dies. They find a boring elevator.

The characters wonder why a giant hand appears. Ben blames the dog. Ben wants some of the underboob that Chad gets to see. Chad wants to have an old guy character available to play as. Cody will have a ninja in law after this!

Another chandelier falls on top of everyone fighting. Chad makes a prospector voice for the old guy he wants to play as. The chandeliers keep on falling down as they walk through the building. Chad theorizes that this is actually Home Alone. Chad keeps finding jewelry to win over Jessica. Ben pauses because he thought he died.

Chad continues to discuss the Statue of Liberty's nipple laser. They start fighting the dude in a wheelchair with a crossbow. He can walk! Why does he need a wheelchair? Chad notices that it is more of a harpoon. Belger gets dropkicked out of the window by Cody.

The end cutscene is shown, and Chad does the voices. Haggar's voice kind of sounds like Arnold Swartzaneegar. Cody and Guy walk through the world they just destroyed as the credits appear, and wonder where all the enemies they killed were. They go into an arcade mode. One of the Special thanks is "Poo".

Guy beats up Cody when Jessica appears. They watch the intro to the game at the end! This was a weird port. This was the shortest let's play ever, and it was out of order!

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