Chad and Ben meet the three eyed talking Canadian dog.

Final Fight: Three Eyed Talking Canadian Dog (Part 3) - HEY! LET'S PLAY!
Upload Date December 26th 2013
Hosts Chad, Ben
Series Hey! Let's Play!


Synopsis Edit

Ben hates glass! They destroy the glass. The glass fights back! Chad and Ben suck at breaking glass. Chad sees a perfect beard. He accidentally kills him. They find a puppy. Ben gets attacked when he is distracted by the puppy. Ben wants to protect the puppy. Chad talks with a Canadian accent to represent the talking dog.

Chad slips in saying that Guy sleeps with Jessica. The talking dog returns. There is a lot of 'Sexy' graffitied on the door. Chad thinks someone drew sperm along with it. Ben continues to get knocked to the ground by enemies off screen, and Chad wonders why Jessica chose him. Fire men appear to set everything on fire.

The talking dog continues to get in front of them, and Chad notices that he has three eyes! El Gado is immune to knives. He is unstoppable! They can't defeat him! Eventually, El Gado is defeated, and Chad and Ben are both confused. Chad notices the Statue of Liberty shooting nipple lasers at the sun.

A guy is named Abigail. He is tough, and beats them up for making fun of his name. They complete the stage.

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