Filling In is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

Filling In
Cast Ben, Jose, Nick
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date some time in 2011 - most likely June
Clip / Ad Kirby Right Back at Ya!

Synopsis Edit

With some people out of the office, the rest of the staff have to take the responsibilities of other staff members.

Nick takes on the role of Jared, and hosts Hard News. He shoots the camera man with a nerf gun.

Jose takes on the role of Bryan, and becomes the community manager with Bryan's Kirby plush. Ben reminds Jose that he used to be the community manager. Jose concludes that Bryan is an extension of him. Nick shoots Jose with his nerf gun. 

Ben takes on the role of Chad and wears a wig. He decides to make a 25% off deal on the ScrewAttack store, but adds some fees to it, so the deal becomes -16%! Ben is confused by this and gets hair in his eyes. Nick creeps up and shoots him with the nerf gun.

Nick is walking around with the nerf gun, and Jose and Ben confront him. They say that he can no longer be Jared, and must be someone else. He decides to be Craig instead. Ben hates the idea, but Jose wants to just let him go so he isn't annoying anymore.

Nick goes into Craig's office, and sees Craig's line of hats (and a TMNT mask). He chooses one of the hats, and decides to put it on pretending to be Craig hosting Sidescrollers. He puts the hat on only to be sucked into it. Jose and Ben back away.

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