Fantasy Files is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Fantasy Files
Cast Ben, Craig, Bryan, Jose, Nick, Corey, Ryan
Intro Host Ben (with Nick)
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad NFL - Fantasy Files

Synopsis Edit

Ben and Nick haven't chosen a clip for this week, so they go to the suggestion thread in order to find one. As Ben scrolls through the suggestions, he asks "What about that one?" to every single suggestion. Ben yells at him and covers his eyes to pick one at random. Ben likes the clip, but Nick isn't convinced.

Ben thinks he's the best, so he tries to prove it by jumping through the windows of a car. He gets stuck in the window, and flails his legs in the air.

Craig claims that he can jump over people without having to use a trampoline from his SlamBall days. He attempts to jump over Bryan, but instead tackles him to the ground as Bryan screams.

Nick shows an AVGN beanie to the camera to prove that he can't see through it, and puts it over his eyes. He runs up to a wall, but crashes into the cameraman, and flails into the wall.

Jose wants to prove that he can master pain, so he has Bryan and Ryan to hold up a sheet of cardboard for Jose to punch through. He pulls back a burger which is falling apart. Disgusted, he drops it on the floor.

Ryan wants to show that he can play Frogger in real life. He runs onto the road, and is hit by a car and dies. Craig, Corey and Bryan are shocked.

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