Fall of Cybertron at Botcon 2012
Upload Date April 30th 2012
Hosts Jared
Series Random Awesomeness


Fall of Cybertron at Botcon 2012 is a video where Jared interviews the marketing manager of the game.

Synopsis Edit

Jared is with Greg Agius, the Marketing Manager at High Moon Studios. They are at BotCon in Dallas. They are showing off the latest Transformers game to the fans. Fall of Cybertron is an adult, different take on the Transformers universe. The game is going to be canon. It will be the end of the Transformers planet.

It will feature a lot of backstory for the original series. The game is single player only. There were some difficult choices made. Transformers is about unique characters. There will be a wide variety of gameplay. The response from the public has been fantastic so far. Watching people cheer as the characters transform is awesome.

They have more to talk about character customization and multiplayer. It will be like an MMO style character creation! Greg states that it will be the best Transformers game out there.

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