Expired is an episode of Newsroom.

Upload Date August 28th 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Lauren is explaining that after a night out, she wakes up on her couch still in her dress with a box of macaroni unopened, and wonders when that happens. Jared has his head on his desk, and Lauren wonders if he is still alive. Jared starts crying. Something has died, and Jared can't handle it.

Lauren asks if they were close, and Jared replies that he could have given them more attention. Lauren asks how long they have, and Jared replies that they won't last past December. Lauren tries to cheer Jared up by telling him to remember the happy times.

Jared will remember the pictures, and the advice he got, and all the times they stayed up late in bed together. At this point, Lauren has become confused and concerned. Jared had a light under his covers so his parent's wouldn't know. They were also in the bath a lot. Jared says there were a lot of secrets, and all the kids shared them on the block! Lauren freaks out, and doesn't want to hear anymore.

Lauren asks when the funeral is, which confuses Jared. Turns out, he was crying over Nintendo Power shutting down.

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