Evil Craig is a character protrayed by Craig Skistimas . Evil Craig is the host of Reasons We Hate .

Personality and Characteristics

Evil Craig is a foul mouthed, loud, and most importantly angry character. He hates everything and isn't afraid to say it. He even hates people who complain about things on the internet - despite the fact that this is his job.

The only thing that Evil Craig likes is pancakes. Evil Craig is angry that people didn't buy his shirt, which he advertises constantly, attempting to force people to buy it. When they didn't, he got even more angry that the viewers got him fired. After he was fired, he took his rage out on his Twitter account .

Evil Craig threatens the viewer with vile threats (usually involving killing animals) if they don't thumbs up his videos on YouTube.

Evil Craig lives with his mom, and complains about her in his videos.

Appearances outside Reasons We Hate

Evil Craig competed in the 2013 and 2015 Royal Rumbles .

He has hosted several Top 10' s, including Top 10 Franchises That Should DIE, and Top 10 Reasons E3 Sucks.