Everything is Better with Lasers is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

Everything is Better with Lasers
Cast Lauren, Bryan, Ben, Sean, Nick, Drake (in the background)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date April 21st 2012
Clip / Ad The Double Player - Acclaim NES controllers

Synopsis Edit

The crew has come to the conclusion that everything would be better with lasers.

Crappy Car with lasers - Lauren going to her car. It has a broken door, shitty paint job, broken window, no fuel pump door and no mirror. However, it starts shooting lasers like a rave, and Lauren is happy. She drives off in her car with the lasers still going. The headlights also have lasers.

Bryan with lasers - Bryan turns around and shoots lasers out of his fingers, ears and armpits.

Toilet with lasers - Sean uses the toilet, and the toilet uses lasers to disintegrate his poop.

Computer with lasers - Nick asks Ben to play Street Fighter, but he has 27GB of videos to upload first. He uploads them, and a laser is fired upwards from his laptop. It then hits Dr. Wily in space.

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