Craig introduces the new channel he is working on - GameAttack.

Everything Changes... NOW!
Upload Date October 10th 2016
Hosts Parker, Craig, Sean, Chad, Sam (preview), Shaun (preview), Torrian (preview), Andrew W. K (preview), Austin, Nick, Ben, Gerardo, an intern
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Parker drags Craig, who is sitting on an office chair to the camera. Craig complains about how Parker is doing it. Craig explains how he created ScrewAttack 10 years ago, and there is a big announcement today. Craig has stepped away from ScrewAttack. Who is going to look after ScrewAttack now that Craig's gone? The camera pans to Jocelyn. Chad and Sean will run ScrewAttack.

Craig will take Shaun, Parker and Bryan to a new channel, called GameAttack. Craig tried a lot of names, but went with the familiar name. Craig shows what GameAttack is all about. Footage of Four Play, Let's Play, Try Hard and Tap that App are shown.

Craig walks down the hall past the rest of the crew with a box of his stuff. The crew are upset. Craig thanks them for their time. Craig sits down at another desk and unpacks his stuff, revealing that he isn't even leaving the office!

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