Episode 0 is an extra episode of the Metal Gear Ben series that takes place before the events of episode 1. The idea for this episode was Angel's idea, however it wasn't finished. When Nathan Barnett came down to film some things with ScrewAttack, Ben decided to finish the episode.

This episode is only available on the Metal Gear Ben DVD.

Episode 0
Cast Ben, Craig (Boss Craig), Angel (The Granite), Nathan Barnett (Keith Rambo), Chad
Commentary Cast none
Upload Date Unknown

Link The Metal Gear Ben DVD

Synopsis Edit

Ben has a new story from his past. This episode is the origins episode of Metal Gear Ben. The intro theme is different, and includes Angel as the Granite, and Nathan Barnatt as Keith Rambo.

Craig is talking to the Granite. Granite warns Craig about what happened last time. Craig gives Granite Ben's file. Ben walks into the room, and Craig introduces him to the Granite. Granite is going to teach Ben how to kick ass.

The Granite trained Ben up, however he seemed to do more drug tests than training. A scene of Craig threatening Ben with a gun and a container for Ben to pee in is shown. Ben has to do it in front of the Granite. Granite calls him Princess. One day, the Granite disappears, but he leaves a note and a zapper. Ben's training is "over".

Ben finds an ad on the internet about someone who can train students on how to be awesome.

Ben is in the woods calling out for Keith Rambo. Keith lands on the ground from outer space. Keith demonstrates that he will need to snap a branch over his head. Keith falls to the ground after demonstrating.

Keith throws a headband onto Ben's head. Keith says that Ben needs a weapon. Ben shows his zapper. Keith pulls out a much larger gun from behind a tree, and states that he hides guns in trees.

Keith crawls under a door. Ben tries, but he hurts himself. Keith opens the door, and he hits Ben. Ben and Keith practice punches, and Ben hurts Keith, but then Keith hadoukens Ben. Ben is given a rock to eat by Keith's son, who he adopted.

Keith shows Ben the Power Glove. Ben asks if he can have it. He must pass the final test. He must defeat his beast. Suddenly, Tommy the Toucan charges and attacks Ben. Ben pleads for help, but Keith only responds when Ben asks for his full name. He slaps Tommy, and Tommy falls over. Ben passes, and earns the Power Glove. Keith tells his son to follow Ben. It is revealed that Keith's son is Chad.

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