Epic Forces Collide is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

Epic Forces Collide
Cast Ben, Nick, Craig
Intro Host Ryan, then Chad
Upload Date some time in 2009
Clip / Ad Atari (Space Invaders)

Synopsis Edit

Ryan is trying to introduce the Clip of the Week, but Chad shoots him, and apologizes for having Ryan introducing the Clip.

Ben can't figure out what is wrong with his $2000 laptop and is becoming frustrated. Nick comes in and explains how he has broken a lot of stuff such as the camera he is holding, the Street Fighter arcade machine which is blue screening, he smashed a Sonic Adventure disc and even the toilet paper is broken. Ben interrupts Nick, asking him if he has touched his laptop today. Nick says yes. Ben scolds Nick for breaking everything he touches. Nick tries suggesting to recharge the battery as Ben leaves to tell Craig.

Ben opens Craig's door and tells him that Nick is taking a break, and leaves. Craig is angered, and flips a table, which explodes. He walks into the room with Nick, and startles him. Craig runs at him. Their 'powers' clash so much, that the universe collapses on itself. 

The clip then goes back to where Ben is yelling at Nick. However, this time, when Ben leaves the room, another Ben covered with guns, and an eye-patch appears, and warns him not to tell Craig. He then says that he has to go back to the Great Milo wars and leaves.

Ben decides to come up with a new plan. He asks Nick for his MacBook, and takes it off him and throws it on the ground.

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