Endings is an episode of Newsroom.

Upload Date July 3rd 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Jared sits down next to Lauren and stares at her until she asks "What?" Jared has just finished playing Mass Effect 3, and he was inspired to make a list of other things that need new endings.

Number 1: Another Mass Effect 3 ending where all the girls make out with Garrus.

Number 12: Titanic should end when she is being drawn naked. Everything after that is boring. Lauren asks about the part where the guy falls into the propeller. Jared says that it should be a bonus scene after the credits!

They argue about Normandy's robot body needs to be taught how to love. Jared explains it with C++.

Number 6, 7 and 8: The dinosaur's win the Jurassic Park films. Geoff Goldblum comes back as a dinosaur because dinosaurs are cooler than people!

Number 26: The Sixth Sense - Bruce Willace should be dead.

Number 56: Borderlands - after fighting the tentacle monster, Randy Pitchford walks out of a cage, and slaps the player in the face, running off with their money. This one is for accuracy. 

Jared discusses how the girls are making out with Garrus. Shephard doesn't mind, because Garrus is a better man. Lauren asks if Jared has a crush on Garrus.

Number 80: Lauren is offended by the presence of Shindler's List on this list. Jared states that there is a missed opportunity to set it up for the sequel.

Number 103: Die Hard - Bruce Willace should be dead.

Number 166: Pokemon. Lauren states that the cartoon isn't even finished. Jared exclaims "Exactly!"

Number 210: Lauren writes Snow White onto the list. Bitch should stay dead!

They are still arguing about the make out ending, and Lauren asks what happens with female Shephard. Jared states that she should be in the group too, and then agrees that male Shephard should be making out with Garrus too. Everyone on Garrus!

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