Eggcellent Egg Hunt of Eggcellence is a Choose Your Own Adventure from 2013.

Eggcellent Egg Hunt of Eggcellence
Upload Date March 30th 2013
Hosts Nick, Craig, Ben (main, Light Pink, Hot Pink), Lauren (Light Pink), Bryan (Light Pink)
Series Choose Your Own Adventure

Link Main:

Blue: Gold: Yellow: Light Pink: Hot Pink:

Synopsis Edit

Ben thanks all two of the crew for coming to the second annual Eggcellent Egg Hunt of Eggcellence. Craig won last year and gets to use Doctor Fuzzlenubs. Craig is excited to be able to use Doctor Fuzzlenubs. Nick gets a purple basket and is disappointed. Ben tells them to go, and they push past him. Ben hates having to do this every year.

Nick runs into the Screwin' Around set, and finds an egg on the couch. Craig finds an egg on the floor, and makes Doctor Fuzzlenubs walk up to it and eat it. Nick finds another egg in the Screwin' Around set, and knocks over a sippysaurus. He then finds another one next to the Sidescrollers button. Craig finds a gold egg and exclaims to Doctor Fuzzlenubs.

Craig and Nick get together and count up their eggs. Craig only got 2 eggs, and Nick got 3, and gets to use Doctor Fuzzlenubs next year. Craig is saddened. They have to decide which one to open first, and they point at the eggs, and hit each other's hands away from the eggs.

Blue Edit

Craig opens the blue egg, and finds Bowser inside! He holds Bowser in his backyard. They play together. Craig runs with Bowser, and falls over hurting his ankle. He calls out that he will never walk again. Bowser happily runs around Craig. Craig tells the viewer to pick another egg!

Gold Edit

Craig opens the special gold egg. There is a note inside that says "You're Fired". Nick tells Craig that the egg has spoken. Craig says that he literally owns this place. Nick yells that the egg has spoken. Craig concedes that what the egg says must be true. Craig is sad.

Yellow Edit

Nick opens the yellow egg and can't believe that there is a gift card to CiCi's inside! He eats pizza at Cici's. Suddenly he begins to choke and dies.

Light Pink Edit

Nick opens the light pink egg with Craig. They are surprised to find that there is nothing in the egg. They stare at the viewer, and Nick yells that they picked the one with nothing in it! Craig yells that they are smarter than that! Craig says it is so dumb, and Nick says it is the worst option, before telling Ben of the viewers stupid error.

Ben enters and wonders why they picked the worst one! Craig informs Lauren that the choice was so stupid. Lauren insults the viewer about choosing the one with nothing in it. Bryan enters and asks the viewer if they picked the one with nothing in it.

Craig continues to call the viewer dumb and stupid while looking at Doctor Fuzzlenubs. Ben goes to pick up the chosen egg. He tells the viewer that it was clearly empty! Lauren lists the other eggs that the viewer should have picked. Nick points out the other eggs that the viewer could have chosen. Bryan says that the viewer made a bad choice.

Ben starts laughing, and both Ben and Bryan run out of things to say. Nick takes half of an egg, and tells the viewer that the circle represents how smart the viewer is. They have a smart of zero! Everyone stops talking for a moment before starting to yell again.

Craig asks why the viewer would choose the light pink one, while Nick gets into the camera and asks "Really" several times. Ben shows the other eggs that the viewer could have chosen. Bryan asks the viewer Why? Craig runs in calling the viewer an idiot. Craig knocks the egg out of Ben's hand. Lauren stands behind the others before trying to wrestle with Ben.

Craig yells that the viewer is stupid!

Hot Pink Edit

Nick knocks the egg away, before picking it up again, and opens it. A gas is released, and Craig and Nick start choking. Nick asks Craig if he can smell anthrax! Craig says that it is anthrax. Nick asks Ben if it was his idea. Ben peaks into the room. Craig comments that it was hilarious! Nick compliments Ben, and Ben smiles and leaves the room. Craig and Nick choke to death. Craig says Happy Easter!

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